What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Injection Molding?  

Last Updated on January 4, 2022 by Leizi

Plastic injection molding is a technique for making plastic parts with high efficiency. Ruitai will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of plastic injection molding. We are happy to help you have a deeper understanding of it!  

Plastic Injection Molding


(1)Plastic injection molding can produce plastic parts very quickly. Efficiency depends on the complexity and size of the die. In addition, the injection molding process is almost completely automated. So, we just need our engineers to write the program as early as possible and then input the data into the machine. Our staff just need to oversee the work flow.  

Plastic Injection Molding

(2)We can use plastic injection molding to make the design of plastic parts simple, while the design is complicated, because it is in the process of high pressure. Also suitable for medium and large – volume production. You can rely on us for your mass production project on plastic injection molding because we have 15+ years’ experience in this field.  

(3) Multiple choices. Plastic injection molding can use different types of plastic at the same time to make plastic components.  


(1) Too high cost. Before production, we need to design the specific mold in advance. Mold design and feasibility assessment is a relatively long cycle. That means we need more workers and time to finish it. If it is mass-produced, the cost will be much higher.  

Plastic Injection Molding

(2) Size limitation. Plastic injection molding is not a good choice for large size parts. This is because we need to produce a large mold. But it will cost more. In most cases, we prefer vacuum casting of large plastic parts.  

 Above is a brief introduction to our plastic injection molding. For more detailes, just contact us or e-mail us by: emily@szrtmj.com.