The advantages of SLA

Last Updated on October 6, 2023 by assistant

SLA in SLA 3D Printing is the abbreviation of “Stereo Lithography Appearance”, which is stereoscopic curing. Let us learn about the advantages of SLA!

1. Light curing molding method is the earliest rapid prototyping process, with high maturity and time-testing.

2. Prototype directly from CAD digital model, the processing speed is fast, the production cycle is short, no cutting tools and molds are needed.

3. It can process prototypes and molds with complex structural shapes or difficult to form using traditional methods.

4. Visualize the CAD digital model and reduce the cost of error repair.

5. Provide samples for the experiment, and verify and verify the results of the computer simulation calculation.

6. It can be operated online and can be controlled remotely to facilitate the automation of production.

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