CNC Machining in Automotive Industry

In the industry of automotive, the upgrading of products and technologies is faster than before. That’s why so many car companies would choose to make a few prototypes to test their ideas and then put them on the market. Prototyping can accelerate the process of product development greatly. At the same time, CNC machining is an effective and high-precision way to make functional car prototypes.


Figure 1 CNC Car Machining

4 Reasons to apply CNC machining to make car prototypes instead of other processing:

(1) Customizable machining. Your manufacturing partners would make the program according to the 3D files you sent. Then, the data will be input into the computers. CNC machines will work according to the program. That’s you can get the exact car prototypes as to your drawing. During this process, you can control almost everything including the size, machining way, and surface treatment.

(2) Precise. CNC machining has been characterized as one of the most precise processing to make parts in the wide industry. By using lumpy plastic or metal materials, we can use CNC machining to create car prototypes with tight tolerance.

(3) Efficient. Compared to other ways, CNC machining is the processing of a relatively shorter production time.

(4) Consistency. Because CNC machining is also highly automated. It can reduce the errors caused by labor and keep the finished components of high consistency.

Applications of CNC machining in the automotive industry:

Panels, wheel, dashboards, cylinder heads, alternator housings, brake valves, drive axles, gearboxes, lighting systems, etc.

Figure2 CNC Machining Car Wheel
Figure2 CNC Machining Car Wheel

Ruitai has more than 15+ years of experience in CNC machining to create car prototypes. If you want to see some samples we made before, you can click here to know more details about our CNC car machining service.

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