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On-demand Custom Precision Machining Parts Manufacturer in China

Ruitai is an on-demand custom precision machining service provider. The Ruitai team not only pays attention to the quality but also what the clients care about.

We are an equipped supplier with advanced CNC machines. It allows us to make CNC machining parts for low-volume and mass production. In most cases, the larger the quantity, the more cost-effective the quote.

Our custom precision machining service also includes a selection of material, surface finish, and packaging. For material selection, there is a wide material range: ABS, PC, PMMA, PA, PEEK, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Brass, and carbon steel. As to surface finish, we can offer you from painting, anodizing, to electroplating. Besides, our packaging is customizable. Our team will select the most suitable packaging for the finished custom precision machining components.

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Custom Bicycle Machined Parts

As to the bicycle components, we often apply CNC turning and milling to make your custom metal or plastic parts. You can seek help from our professional engineers once you need any engineering suggestions.

Custom Anodized Aluminum Parts

The Ruitai team is well-experienced in dealing with aluminum machining projects. Because we have cooperated with numerous companies for their aluminum processing project. And anodizing is a popular surface finish for aluminum parts.

PEEK Machining Parts

When it refers to the most excellent and engineering plastic, PEEK is absolutely that one. After CNC processing, the lumpy PEEK material will be processed into the component according to your drawings.

CNC Machined ABS Parts

The raw ABS material we bought from our partner is lumpy. Then, the CNC machine will process the parts from different faces until we get the desired ones. Do you often choose ABS for your CNC machining project? The Ruitai team is always here to help your project with a fast turnaround.

Custom Car Machined Parts

There is no denying that CNC machining has a wide application for the automotive industry. For prototyping or mass production, CNC machining is always your top-list choice. Because of its high efficiency and accuracy, it is especially favored by the people who belong to car companies.

Powdered Metal Parts

Powder coating is a useful and economical surface finish for the metal parts as anodizing. Thus, there is an increasing demand for powder coating for various metal components. If you are not sure which surface finish is better for your project, we would like to assist you.

Quality Custom Precision Machining Parts Manufacturer in China

Over years, we have been striving to make custom precision machining parts with premier quality.

For CNC processing, our professional production team does every step strictly according to the highest industry standard. Every CNC Machining part we create will be carefully checked by cutting-edge inspecting devices like CMM and caliper. That’s why we can offer you a high-quality CNC machining service.

To meet your various requirements on precision, Ruitai’s 3/4/5 axis CNC machines enable us to produce machining parts with tight tolerance. And our custom precision machining parts can be used for the parts for computers, farm tools, medical devices, and car engines. After working on these projects, we have a wealth of experience to deal with your unique project. Whatever your production or tolerance requirements, the Ruitai team can assist you with our expertise.

Through 15+ years of cooperating with high-quality raw material manufacturers, our CNC machining parts are of high performance. Before production, we will test the properties of the parts. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about whether the plastic or metal parts can meet the standard.

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Related Machinings

  • Rubber Injection Molding

    Why do we prefer to rubber injection molding when we are considering high-volume production? There are several reasons: lower cost and higher precision. Before production, we need to make a custom mold according to the clients’ design.

  • Brass Mass Production

    Regarding the processing for brass, the Ruitai team will choose CNC machining and stamping to make brass components of high accuracy. For the excellent engineering properties, brass components have various applications in many industries.

  • Custom Extruded Plastic

    We can discover the popularity of custom extruded plastic components among the industries of construction, packaging, and ODM. Most thermoplastics can be processed into extrusions. There are some common thermoplastics for making extrusions: ABS, PC, PVC, HDPE, and so on.

  • Laser Cutting Parts

    Laser cutting parts can be applied in the industries of automotive, aerospace, and electronics. We can use the laser cutters to deform the metal sheets into parts of specific sizes. After that, these metal parts often need to go through some surface finishes like powder coating and anodizing.


1. What Is Custom Precision Machining?

Custom precision machining is producing high-precision metal and plastic components by CNC machines. As everyone knows, CNC processing is a processing method and has a broad application in different companies. And it is popular for its high accuracy and efficiency.

At Ruitai, we offer you custom precision machining services from one-off projects to long-term cooperation. By using state-of-art 5 axis CNC machines, we are capable of supporting your project with a fast lead time. You can visit Ruitai’s homepage to find out more machining services you’re interested in. And you can contact us anytime to discuss the cooperation details.

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