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As to our custom metal parts fabrication service, Ruitai is fully confident to offer the most professional guidance and production.

Our engineering team, they are familiar with various crafts and have extensive experience in dealing with different cases. Whether in material, post-processing or in engineering solutions, our professional experts are fully capable of ensuring you a satisfying custom metal parts fabrication service.

Except for our experts, the Ruitai team has successfully collaborated with each other for 15+ years. For each project, we treat it seriously and use our professionalism to help our customers.

You can send an e-mail to the Ruitai team to know our custom metal parts fabrication service.

Custom Aluminum Parts Fabrication

Regarding aluminum, there are numerous processing ways including CNC machining, stamping, laser cutting, and 3D printing. And aluminum parts have high popularity in various industries: transportation, aerospace, and consumer goods.

Brass Mass Production

Ruitai has a professional engineering and production team. If you get any trouble with metal material selection for your project, our team is glad to help you and give the most professional guidance throughout the processing.

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless steel is also a superior metal to make high-precision parts used in various fields. We can see its applications nearly everywhere: construction, household devices, and electronics.

Metal Prototyping Components

Small metal stamping parts are favored by a variety of customers. Because these small stamping parts are often of high precision, many suppliers need these parts to achieve projects like semiconductors.

Custom Metal Cutting Parts 

Laser cutting is also a useful technique to process the sheet metal into parts with designated size and type. With over 20 sets of laser cutters, the Ruitai team can support your short-run and long-run projects with a short turnaround.


Custom Metal Printing Parts 

Metal can also be processed by 3D printing. And SLS is a common 3D printing technique to make metal printing parts. It’s suitable for producing metal prototypes. For mass production, its cost and efficiency are much higher than CNC machining.

Ruitai Is A Trustworthy Custom Metal Parts Fabrication Partner

Regarding custom metal parts fabrication, Ruitai Mould is definitely is your trustworthy and custom manufacture partner who you can rely on in China.

There are numerous metal parts fabrication manufacturers. What makes Ruitai Mould popular and trusted among customers all over the world? We have won a good reputation among over 95% of clients at home and abroad for our high-quality custom metal parts and satisfying customer service.

Ruitai team strictly controls the quality of the custom metal parts fabrication. 90% of Ruitai workers have rich operational experience in making metal parts. Throughout the process, our workers operate the CNC machines and Laser cutters according to the highest industry standard. We can greatly reduce the errors caused by our workers. Besides, over the years, we have specially trained a team of quality inspection. They will check the quality of the custom metal parts in time to reduce defective products.

Once there are any quality problems, you can contact our customer service department. We will reply to you in 2 hours. If it is caused by us, we will redo the metal parts for you.

If you are interested in our custom metal parts fabrication service, you can just contact us here!

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  • S Sheet Metal Cutting Service

    With the goal of offering you a custom sheet metal cutting service, Ruitai can assist you with low-volume and large-volume sheet metal cutting parts fabrication. Over 20 sets of laser cutters give us the confidence to deliver metal parts in a short turnaround.

  • Automotive Stamping Parts

    Auto parts often require high precision. The stamping technique can make automotive components with tight tolerance. And these stamping parts are vital to assembling other parts.

  • SLS Nylon Printing

    Do you experience custom SLS nylon printing from one manufacturer? We are committed to providing a comprehensive and high-quality 3D printing service to you. If you get any interest, we welcome you to contact us.

  • CNC Wood Milling

    CNC milling has high popularity among various industries. And applicable materials are very wide as well including metal, plastic, and also wood.


1. What Is Custom Metal Parts Fabrication?

Custom metal parts fabrication applies multiple and complex processing to make the parts that the clients need. There are several processing ways that we can use: CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC drilling, laser cutting, stamping, welding, die casting, 3D printing, and so on. If you belong to the companies of automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, and defense, you definitely need custom metal parts fabrication suppliers to assist your project from prototyping to mass production.

Figure1 Custom Metal Parts Fabrication

You can send your 2D and 3D files to your suppliers and state your requirements. Then, they will produce the metal parts accordingly.

It’s very important to select a trustworthy and high-quality metal parts fabrication supplier. Because your supplier will help you make the custom metal parts with high quality. And it will greatly reduce the time wasted in redoing the parts.

Ruitai is a professional custom metal parts fabrication supplier, you can contact us anytime to know more details.


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