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Ruitai-Professional Custom Extruded Plastic Service Provider in China

Built on our extensive experience in custom extruded plastic, Ruitai supplies you with high-quality plastic extrusion parts. With the professional assistance of our experienced engineers, we continuously evaluate your drawings on the custom extruded plastic project and give you the best technical support and engineering solutions.

We offer different kinds of plastic for your custom extruded plastic project including PP(polypropylene), PVC(polyvinyl chloride), Thermoplastic elastomers, Nylon(PA), PC(Polycarbonate), etc. You can choose the material by yourself or by our engineers. We are glad to assist you from one plastic extrusion project to several projects.

Don’t know how to select the right plastic for your custom extruded plastic project? Just Contact Ruitai! We will reply to you ASAP!

PVC Plastic Extrusions

PVC is a popular plastic to make custom extruded plastic parts. And we can apply PVC in consumer goods, industrial areas, medical devices. Ruitai can assist your PVC extrusions to project with a cost-effective solution.

TPE Plastic Extrusions

Different plastic materials have various properties and we need to choose the most suitable one to produce extrusions. We are willing to help you select the most economical one.

PP Plastic Extrusions 

PP is also suitable to produce custom plastic extrusions. Because PP is durable and chemical-resistant. If you want to do PP extrusions with high volume, Ruitai is always here!

ABS Plastic Extrusions

ABS has strong impact resistance and UV resistance, which make ABS extrusions suitable for outdoor applications.

Custom Extruded Plastic

As a thermoplastic elastomer, TPV is machinability and low compression. If you get any TPV plastic extrusions project, we would support you with 100% quality.

PC Plastic Extrusions 

At Ruitai, PC is a common plastic to serve your needs of plastic extrusions. It has lower machining costs and labor costs because Ruitai is a fully-equipped manufacturer.

Ruitai Is Your Trustworthy Custom Extruded Plastic Manufacturer in China

Ruitai’s custom extruded plastic parts can be widely applied in industries: Automotive, Consumer goods, Agriculture, Medical devices, Home-appliance, and so on. We are pretty confident to serve your need for extruded plastic parts. A sample is available for you to further check our quality.

As to our quality control, we would check our custom extruded plastic part multiple times before delivery. It enables us to offer you quality extrusion plastic pars. Besides, we will also give you very professional advice according to your design. If there is any problem when you evaluate the extruded plastic parts, we will redo them for you.

Ruitai is a young team of enthusiasm and energy. We will keep in touch with you for your custom extruded plastic project. You can send us e-mails about the problems anytime. And we will reply to you within 2 hours.

Contact Ruitai to learn more about Custom Extruded Plastic!


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1. What Is Custom Extruded Plastic?

Custom Extruded Plastic is a process that extrudes the graininess of plastic materials into the fixed cross-section profiles in compliance with your 3D files. The first step is to extrude the graininess plastic from the top hopper into the drum of the extruder. Then, we need to heat the materials and mix them up. After heating up, the melt particles will be put into the mold and form with your desired type and size. The last step is cooling the plastic extrusions with chilled water.

It also is a basic automation process that the machines automatically process the plastic according to the programs that have been input by the engineers. Custom extruded plastic is a cost-effective choice for you with fewer human errors.

Figure1-Custom Extruded Plastic

Figure1-Custom Extruded Plastic

2. What Materials Are Suitable for Custom Extruded Plastic?

At Ruitai, there are many kinds of plastic material suitable for your custom extruded plastic: ABS, PVC, TPE, TPO, PE, PP, PMMA, PC, and so on.


3. How Long Does It Take to Finish Custom Extruded Plastic Project?

It depends on the specification and complexity of your files. For the quantity, the price tends to take a longer time to finish the project with a lower cost. The simpler your design is, the longer time and lower the cost you need. And Ruitai is always welcome your visit to our website and discuss with us about the details.