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Except for custom carbon fiber parts, Ruitai can also make complicated assemblies for you. If your project is super urgent, Ruitai is willing to assist you with a short lead time and fast delivery. We are so proud that we can produce parts with low volume production, or large production.

And our craftsmen of over 10+ years of experience in custom carbon fiber parts will support you with their technical knowledge. According to your CAD files, we will do a professional analysis and give you a cost-effective solution. With multiple quality checks, our quality control team will ensure you the high quality and performance of your custom carbon fiber parts.

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Custom Machined Parts-Carbon Fiber Bike Accessories

In most instances, we can use carbon fiber to make the helmet and accessories of the motorcycle. At Ruitai, we are tailored to make carbon fiber motorcycle parts in line with your specification. Therefore, we can turn your design into real carbon fiber parts with high performance.

Custom Carbon Fiber Parts

If you apply custom carbon fiber parts to your car project, the weight and oil consumption will be greatly reduced. Thus, carbon fiber is a good material to make your car parts. As a custom carbon fiber parts supplier, Ruitai is also honored to help your project.

Custom Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

The toughness of carbon fiber is the same as steel and it is much lighter than steel. Carbon steel’s low weight to strength ratio allows it to be the alternative to some alloys. Thus, a lot of manufacturers choose to produce steering wheels of carbon fiber.

Custom Carbon Fiber 

If you are want to do carbon fiber hoods, Ruitai is happy to support you from analyzing your files to delivering the parts to you.

Custom Carbon Fiber Body Panels

As the picture shows, the car body panels can also be made of carbon fiber. Its appearance and functions are pretty nice! If you are interested, Ruitai is always here to reply to you within 30 minutes.

CNC Auto Parts

If you have a high requirement on the tolerance, we will strongly recommend you choose CNC machining to make caron fiber parts.

The Most Satisfying Custom Carbon Fiber Parts Manufacturer in China

Ruitai is a bespoken company and offers custom carbon fiber parts worldwide. Until now, there are more than 1000+ companies we have cooperated with. More than 95% of them feel pretty satisfied with our custom carbon fiber manufacturing service. And we couldn’t be happier when we receive their e-mail about how they are satisfied with these custom carbon fiber parts.

Alongside that, each step of our processing can reach the highest standard in custom carbon fiber manufacture. One of the reasons relies on our certification-ISO9001:2015. We have a lot of proven records on how we process the carbon fiber parts.

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1. How to Make Custom Carbon Fiber Parts?

If you choose carbon fiber as the material of your project, you will find a lot of benefits of using it. Carbon fiber has high stiffness, low low weight to strength ratio, and superior chemical resistance. Therefore, carbon fiber is a very popular material used in the industries of automotive and aerospace, which have high requirements on the weight to strength ratio. And we would like to talk about how we can make the custom carbon fiber parts.

Wet Lay-Up is one of the most common ways to make custom carbon fiber parts. The first step is applying the release agent to the mold and putting the carbon fiber material on it. Then we need to coat with epoxy. And we need to use knitted mats of fibers to create several layers. We leave these parts together in a vacuum and the fibers are impregnated in epoxy resin.

There are other methods to make custom carbon fiber parts: Prepreg Lamination and Resin transfer molding. If you want to know more about how to make custom carbon fiber parts, you can leave us a message here! We are glad to receive your e-mail anytime!

Figure1-Custom Carbon Fiber Parts

Figure1-Custom Carbon Fiber Parts

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