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A Super Professional CNC Wood Milling Supplier in China

Ruitai is a professional CNC wood milling manufacturer in China. At Ruitai, you will get the most professional and comprehensive wood CNC mill support. We appreciate your feedback and then keep improving our wood CNC service.

With the assistance of our 5-axis CNC machines, we can easily make CNC wood milling parts with high precision. Besides, compared to conventional wood tools, our CNC milling has enough capabilities to produce wooden parts with a more complicated design like the contour of text.

If you are not sure which machining way to make wooden parts, Ruitai’s well-experienced and skilled are pretty happy to guide you with 24/7 availability and offer you the most suitable solution.

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CNC Wood Milling

You can choose CNC milling to make wooden chairs with your 3D files. And the files need to be very accurate and comply with reality. Or else, the wooden chairs can hardly support a lot of weight.

Milled Wooden Parts

At Ruitai, with the support of our high-precision CNC milling machines, we can produce wooden guitars for you as to any of your specifications.

CNC Milling Wooden Frames

According to your unique design, we will give you a customized solution for your CNC wood milling project and you can also choose the wood from cedar to oak.

Ruitai Offers You High-Quality CNC Wood Milling Service 

At Ruitai, we provide you with a custom CNC wood milling service. We are dedicated to offering you high-quality CNC wood milling parts. Everything depends on your CAD files and specifications. Once you send us CAD files, Ruitai’s engineering team will carry out a professional analysis of your files and offer you the most economical quotation. When you choose us for your CNC wood milling project, we are glad to assist you from prototyping to production.

We always put quality in the first place. There is a special CMM team at Ruitai. They are responsible for controlling the quality of our wood CNC milling machine parts. Generally, we apply professional equipment like a height gauge to check the quality. Then, Ruitai will send the CMM report and some videos/pictures about the machining to you. And your satisfaction depends on whether our CNC wood milling parts can be sent to you.

If you’re interested, we are glad to answer any questions here.

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    Ruitai provides you with high-pressure aluminum die casting with superior quality. As to the alloy range, you can choose from zinc, copper, to tin. If you have any problems, leave an e-mail here!

  • Sheet Metal Processing

    Sheet metal processing is very popular in applications of the home appliances and automotive industries. And Ruitai can help your sheet metal processing project from cutting, welding, forming, rolling, to punching.

  • Rubber Parts

    Ruitai offers you a custom rubber molding service. As long as you send your CAD files, our professional engineers will give you comprehensive guidance on the selection of processing methods.

  • Stainless Steel Prototype

    Stainless steel belongs to one of the frequently used metals in CNC machining. It is not only anti-corrosion but also machinable. We are well experienced in making stainless steel prototypes and 24/7 available to help your project.

  • SLA Rapid Prototype

    Compared to FDM, the plastic parts by SLA(Stereolithography) are of higher precision and more smooth surface. To show our quality, Ruitai would like to send you several related pictures and videos. Besides, the CMM report will be also sent to you to get your approval of delivery.


Custom Wood CNC Mill Parts FAQ

1. What Are the Differences between CNC Wood Milling and CNC Wood Routers?

We choose CNC milling or CNC routers to produce wood parts or products. But do you what the differences between CNC milling and CNC routers? We would like to introduce some differences between them.

  • The biggest difference between CNC milling and CNC router relies on the motion of the axis. The CNC milling machine usually moves the wood parts to process them while the CNC router moves itself to process the parts around the workbench.
  • CNC milling can process hard metals while CNC router tends to machine softer materials like wood and foam. The CNC milling machine is obviously heavier than the CNC router machine.
  • CNC Milling has less cutting area than CNC routers. Usually, the CNC router can apply to the bulk wood sheet while the CNC milling is suitable for the finish machining. It means that CNC milling can help you make parts with higher precision.
  • If you want to receive more professional and cost-effective solutions and guidance for your CNC wood milling parts, Ruitai is your top choice. You can contact us anytime because we are always online for you.

CNC Router Machining

Figure CNC Router Machining