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Custom CNC Services

The Ruitai team offers custom CNC services depending on your specific needs and requirements. There are a few advantages we have below:

Prototyping: A client may require a prototype of a new product, which can be designed and produced using custom machining. Our multi-axis CNC machines can create complex shapes and geometries with high precision, making them ideal for producing prototypes of products and parts.

Custom Parts Manufacturing: You may require custom parts that are not readily available in the market. CNC machining can produce custom parts quickly and efficiently within days, ensuring that your specific needs and requirements are met.



What Are the Advantages of CNC Machining Services?

CNC machining is a popular technique that we apply for prototyping. Why should you choose it for your prototyping project?

Precision and Consistency: CNC machines offer high levels of precision and consistency, allowing for the production of parts and products with exacting specifications. This can be especially important in industries where quality control is essential, such as aerospace, medical, or automotive.  At Ruitai, we apply 5 axis CNC machining to create prototypes with the tolerance up to ±0.008m.

Flexibility: CNC machines can work with a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. This allows for the creation of parts with different shapes, sizes, and features.

Speed: CNC machines can operate at high speeds, allowing for the production of parts and products quickly and efficiently. As for the parts of simple design and size, it may just take a few days to create them. It can be especially beneficial for you if you need to produce large quantities of parts or have tight deadlines to meet.

Cost-effectiveness: CNC machining can be a cost-effective method of manufacturing, especially for companies that need to produce complex parts or products in relatively small quantities. This can help companies reduce their overall manufacturing costs while maintaining high quality.

Customization: CNC machining can be used to create highly customized parts and products, allowing companies to meet the specific needs and requirements of their customers.

Expertise and Experience: If you choose an experienced manufacturer, they can help ensure that parts and products are produced with the highest levels of quality and precision.


Numerically controlled systems have been in demand since they were discovered in the 1950s. With computers, everything has become a lot easier, simpler, and quicker. Just like every other field, the prototyping field has been affected immensely by it too.

Producing parts was never this much more accessible and simpler than it is now. The credit goes to one and only computer programs and CAD Models. To get the best CNC Service for your business, you must know what CNC actually is. Only then you will be able to hire the best company and finalize the best rates for your CNC projects.

CNC is basically a method used to manufacture parts and structures of different types. You can manufacture highly complex parts with the help of CNC service and processes. No matter how intricate the design is or how complex the structure is, everything is now possible due to CNC machining methods.

CNC Prototyping Services

For further information about CNC service and its ways, you can look into our quick guide.

1. How Can You Get the Best CNC Service?

Getting reliable CNC Service is an arduous task. Usually, people end up with bad experiences or low-quality parts. It is only because of not selecting the right company for the job. CNC Machining requires experts and proficient engineers. To get the best services, you must look for them.

Making computer-designed models and parts require accuracy and precision. The engineers or companies who offer extreme accuracy in their manufacturing are totally worth it. Other than the manufacturing process, the more critical issue is designing the CAD Model. If your CAD Model has problems with it, you can never get a good CNC part.

So, to get the best CNC machine services, the most important thing is to get the best people for it. The more experienced and expert the workers will be, the more accurate and sturdier your CNC part will be.

2. Why is CNC Machining Admired Worldwide?

People have manufactured some unique complex parts using CNC Machining techniques. The parts that took months to be made now only need a few hours with CNC Machining. There are many more reasons due to which CNC Machining is appreciated in the entire world. People from different countries look for experts to get their CNC Projects done.

Some of the benefits of the fame of this technique are as,

  • CNC Machining has lessened the labor requirements to a great extent.
  • You can manufacture parts in a short timeframe with CNC Machining as compared to other traditional methods.
  • CNC Machining allows you to produce highly complex geometrical structures with great accuracy.
  • If you require high-quality and sturdy parts, CNC Machining is just the right choice to make.
  • The major reason for CNC Machining’s fame in the world is its reliability and good manufacturing power.

3. What Steps Are Involved in an Admirable CNC Service?

There are a series of steps that one needs to follow in order to manufacture good CNC parts. If a company is able to follow all these steps in a sequence, it might be able to provide you with good CNC service too. These steps are as,

  • Using fine CAD software, draw your idealized structure. Make sure the design matches precisely how you want your CNC part to be. This model is usually a 2D or 3D design that is used to specify the exact dimensions, structure, and geometry of your part.
  • Once the CAD model is good enough to be satisfactory, you can move to the next step. This step involves turning the CAD model into a g-code. It requires expert programmers. This g-code is then applied to the CNC machines for manufacturing. So, it needs to be exact and precise. You must use the best software and programs to create this g-code.
  • Before starting the manufacturing, you must set up your machine properly. Make sure the machine is set and works well. This step might include installing the g-code into the machine and ensuring that everything is in its position.
  • The next and final step is, of course, machining the part using this CNC machine. Now, this step is something of its own. You must have the proper knowledge and perfect sense of how the process works and the machines run. But if you are not going to do the manufacturing yourself, you don’t need to be aware of such intricate details.
  • Once the part is manufactured, the next thing you need to do is inspect it properly. Make sure it has all the required characteristics and tolerances. If not, the previous process needs to be repeated with a bit of alteration.
  • If the part goes well through the testing phase, it’s time to make it look better. This step is not a must in every part. Usually, the finishing thing depends upon your requirements and your parts’ features.

But if you want the part to look smooth, shinier, or somehow better, you need to perform some finishing techniques on it. What technique would be suitable for your individual part depends upon its type and the material used in its making.

These are the steps that must be these in the manufacturing of a CNC part with CNC machines. If a company of some experts is unaware of these basic details, they are, of course, not able enough to provide you with a good reliable CNC machined part. This all is part of an admirable CNC service that you must take into account while choosing a company for your project.

4. What Should Be Your Budget to Get Professional CNC Services?

CNC services can cost a bit high because of the delicate working and steps involved in the process. Thus, if you are planning on getting reliable, professional CNC machining services, you must set your budget a bit high.

Usually, the CNC service cost depends upon your project’s needs and requirements. It also varies according to the design and geometrical features involved in the part production. If your part does not require a lot of material in the making or is not very delicate, it will need less time to manufacture.

Lesser time means lesser cost and vice versa. But for a rough estimate, you must know that the CNC turning process costs less than others. The rates are decided upon your and the company’s easiness. Mostly, they are to be paid on an hourly basis. Thus, talking about hourly-based rates, CNC turning would cost you less. Its prices begin at 35 USD per hour.

However, the other method that involves milling and multiple-axis machinery is quite expensive than this one. The rates of these techniques are usually around 100 USD per hour. This may exceed to a great extent depending upon your labor and designing requirements. But you can finalize a good beneficial deal if you manage to contact reliable CNC parts suppliers in China

5. What Materials Can You Choose to Get Worthwhile CNC Service?

The CNC methods and techniques offer a large number of materials that can be used in manufacturing. These materials can be metal, plastic, rubber, etc.

Now, what materials would suit your CNC manufacturing process depends upon what your project is about. If it roams around functional parts and prototypes, you can choose a sterling metal for the procedure. But if your project is more plastic-based, then, of course, plastic would make a better raw material.

If you are a beginner in this CNC business and don’t know what suits you the best, contacting professionals would be an excellent choice. They can help you choose the suitable material for your CNC part. Plus, if you are not able to manufacture the part properly, they can also help you produce it in the right way.

Moreover, there are different methods that are needed with different materials. For instance, if you choose aluminum metal, you would have to perform CNC aluminum machining. Similarly, if your part is related to milling, turning, or drilling, you will have to choose the methods respectively.

Reliable CNC Working
As this is a confusing situation and requires expertise to move forward, you must ask for guidance from expert CNC part suppliers in China. In this way, you will be able to choose the top-notch machine, material, and the best CNC technique too.