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Ruitai is China’s most reliable CNC Service provider company. Getting your quick orders is now easier than you think. All your orders of CNC Prototyping Products are always served at their best.

The CNC Service we provide is always accomplished in a 100% safe environment with flawless quality of all products manufactured by our expert teams. CNC Services of Ruitai are in high demand not only in China but also in the global market.


3D Printing Prototype

Ruitai can provide the finest 3D Printing CNC Prototype products of high quality and standards.

CNC Aluminum Prototype

Our company provides supreme quality aluminum Metal Prototyping CNC Service for your different aluminum projects.

CNC Brass Prototype

We can make CNC brass prototype with Milling and turning machined ways.

CNC Metal Prototype

We offer high-quality CNC metal casting services that consistently meet the demands of your required CNC metal prototypes.

Sheet Metal Prototype

The rapid sheet Metal Prototype at Ruitai is our most reliable manufacturing process coupled with the best CNC Service in China.

Vacuum Casting Prototype

Ruitai provides the best silicon-based CNC Services precisely according to your demands. You can easily get your custom CNC products manufactured by our top-class CNC Service Delivery mechanism.

Ruitai – Your Most Appreciable CNC Service Deliver

If you are looking for the most experienced CNC Service provider in China at reasonable prices, Ruitai can be your best shot. Ruitai offers number one CNC Services from China and is one the best CNC Service provider in the Chinese market.

If you can’t trust the new CNC Services company, Ruitai can offer you free CNC Service at the start. Our free manufactured samples and CNC Services are a way to build a trustworthy relationship with our customers, so there is always reliability in working with us.

Whenever you need our CNC services, you can email us anytime. We will start working on your new CNC Project with our specialized CNC Service providing staff right away.

Our specialized teams and expert manufacturers will keep you updated regarding your order status during your CNC Services tenure. We also provide our project-specific customer CNC services on any CNC Project.

The best part about CNC Services at Ruitai is its trusted customer base. Whatever the project our customers have, we always give custom CNC Services and guidance to every customer. Ruitai is always ready to provide you with the most rapid, admirable, and trustworthy CNC Service in China.

Ruitai offers a 24/7 online CNC Service. Using these services, you can send us details about any CNC Project you want us to work on for you.

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  • SLA Rapid Prototyping

    Ruitai can give you highly monitored and most efficient SLA Rapid prototyping Services.

  • Plastic Rapid Prototyping

    The material used for Plastic Prototyping at Ruitai is of high resistance and strength, so you would never get weak prototypes.

  • Metal Rapid Prototyping

    We provide supreme quality and fast Rapid Prototyping Services in China.

  • CNC Turning Parts

    Our specialized manufacturing teams at Ruitai provide high-tolerance CNC turning parts in just a day.



Numerically controlled systems have been in demand since they were discovered in the 1950s. With computers, everything has become a lot easier, simpler, and quicker. Just like every other field, the prototyping field has been affected immensely by it too.

Producing parts was never this much more accessible and simpler than it is now. The credit goes to one and only computer programs and CAD Models. To get the best CNC Service for your business, you must know what CNC actually is. Only then you will be able to hire the best company and finalize the best rates for your CNC projects.

CNC is basically a method used to manufacture parts and structures of different types. You can manufacture highly complex parts with the help of CNC service and processes. No matter how intricate the design is or how complex the structure is, everything is now possible due to CNC machining methods.

CNC Prototyping Services

Figure 1 – CNC Prototyping Services

For further information about CNC service and its ways, you can look into our quick guide.

1. How Can You Get the Best CNC Service?

Getting reliable CNC Service is an arduous task. Usually, people end up with bad experiences or low-quality parts. It is only because of not selecting the right company for the job. CNC Machining requires experts and proficient engineers. To get the best services, you must look for them.

Making computer-designed models and parts require accuracy and precision. The engineers or companies who offer extreme accuracy in their manufacturing are totally worth it. Other than the manufacturing process, the more critical issue is designing the CAD Model. If your CAD Model has problems with it, you can never get a good CNC part.

CAD Model Insertion

Figure 2 – CAD Model Insertion

So, to get the best CNC machine services, the most important thing is to get the best people for it. The more experienced and expert the workers will be, the more accurate and sturdier your CNC part will be.

2. Why is CNC Machining Admired Worldwide?

People have manufactured some unique complex parts using CNC Machining techniques. The parts that took months to be made now only need a few hours with CNC Machining. There are many more reasons due to which CNC Machining is appreciated in the entire world. People from different countries look for experts to get their CNC Projects done.

Some of the benefits of the fame of this technique are as,

  • CNC Machining has lessened the labor requirements to a great extent.
  • You can manufacture parts in a short timeframe with CNC Machining as compared to other traditional methods.
  • CNC Machining allows you to produce highly complex geometrical structures with great accuracy.
  • If you require high-quality and sturdy parts, CNC Machining is just the right choice to make.
  • The major reason for CNC Machining’s fame in the world is its reliability and good manufacturing power.

3. What Role Do CAD Models have in CNC Service?

A good CNC Service entirely depends upon how good and reliable your CAD Model is. In fact, the whole CNC process and manufacturing is dependent upon how well the CAD Model is designed. Any CNC machining service that offers valuable parts goes through an entire CAD model-making process.

CNC Machining Services

Figure 3 – CNC Machining Services

You must hire the best designers and engineers who come together and design a perfect CAD Model for your CNC Parts. This will help you manufacture the most reliable CNC structures too. So, you can also say that somehow, your entire CNC Machining project, CNC Services, and CNC Parts’ manufacturing depends upon the CAD Model.

4. How Can You Explain a CAD Model Designed for CNC Manufacturing?

For 3D Printing and CNC Machining processes, a CAD Model is designed beforehand. This model is basically a computerized design. This design is needed for CNC productions and any other parts production in the new style techniques.

This computer-aided model is a design that has all the features that you want in your produced part. It is more like a realistic 3D model of your design with all the detailing and features of the product. Whatever company or engineers you hire to get CNC Service, they work according to this CAD Model.

 CNC Mechanics

Figure 4 – CNC Mechanics

The details included in this model are the ones that are used to manufacture a CNC part. You can also explain a CAD Model as a virtual representation of your CNC machined part. This representation can be altered and remade according to your requirements. You don’t need to move towards the manufacturing phase until you feel entirely satisfied with the CAD Model.

You must focus on all the intricate details of your model before finalizing it. By now, you must have known why it is crucial to do so. You can keep on changing your model detailing until you think it is fit for your project.

Using the best software for designing such models is significant too. The better the software, the more reliable your design will be. So, don’t compromise on the quality of your CAD Model ever. Or you will be compromising on your CNC-produced parts and services.

5. What Can Machines Be Used to Get Good CNC Service?

CNC Machines are way popular than any other similar machines. The reason is their dependence ratio, reliable working, and sturdy performance. These are the machines used for CNC parts manufacturing and production. CNC machines are costly, and thus, it is better not to buy one of your own if you are in need of a few CNC parts.

CNC Service Machine

Figure 5 – CNC Service Machine

Just simply hire a company that can provide you reliable CNC service and gets it done with. Share all of your project details with the company and leave the rest upon them. These companies usually have all types of CNC machines needed for your project. There are various kinds of machinery used for CNC parts production.

Some of them are as,

  1. Machines for CNC Milling

There is a method termed CNC Milling. This is a term used for a technique in which the workpiece is operated by placing it on a mill. The machines used for this CNC technique are called CNC Milling Machines or Milling Cutters. These machines can 3-axis based or more depending upon your requirements.

CNC Milling Services

Figure 6 – CNC Milling Services

  1. CNC Lathe Machines

Another typical CNC method is CNC Turning. It is an appreciable technique and is used to produce durable parts. This technique involves the usage of CNC lathes. These are the machines known to be very efficient in production.

  1. CNC Routers

They are similar to CNC milling machines in their work. But are not as precise as the milling machines are. The pros of these machines include the fact that it is a very fine tool to operate upon the wood. Other CNC machines are typically made to interact and cut metal. Whereas this machine is good with wood and similar materials.

Thus, CNC routers are definitely a great option for your project if you want wood CNC service.

  1. CNC Laser Machines

The machines that use high-power laser beams to cut metals are CNC laser machines. They are outstanding and reliable when it comes to accuracy cutting. They are also very good with flat sheets of metals.

 CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Figure 7 – CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Other CNC machines you might listen to include plasma cutter machines, waterjets, CNC punches, etc. The variety of these machines is endless. Now, what machine suits you depend upon the mature of your CNC project. You must choose the CNC machine that fits well and is appropriate for your business.

No problem if you are unknown to the intricate details of these machines. You can easily get in contact with expert manufacturers in China for help. They can help you choose the best machines for your project. And can also make you manufacture the best CNC parts by being reliable suppliers.

6. Which CNC Machine Costs the Most?

All the CNC machines have different operations and functions. They cost according to their features and the detailed manufacturing that they offer. Out of all these machines, the one that usually costs the most is the 5-axis CNC machine. It not only costs more if you buy it, but it is also costly in using it for manufacturing CNC parts.

There are many reasons why the 5-axis milling machine is so expensive. But at the end of the day, the device is totally worth it. The accuracy and the detailing it provides in any CNC part are just worth the cost. Some of the primary reasons why this machine is expensive to use are described as below,

  • Adds sophisticated details to your CNC part.
  • Involved in the use of most complex CAM software.
  • The machine can cut the material from 5 axes at once. This needs a lot of precision and high-quality parts, which makes the machines costly.
  • Offers quick turnaround times because of being a 5-axis cutting machine.
  • Does not need a lot of time for setup because of built-in software.
  • Compatible and reliable for complex and long-time tasks.
  • The machine is able to work on hard and rigid tools too. So no problem if you want a super-strong metal to be turned into your desired CNC part.
  • As the machine uses 5 axes to work, it offers stunning finishing as compared to other typical machines.
  • Because of the divided cutting, the entire load of cutting a metal does not fall upon a single cutter. So, you don’t have to stop for breaks very often.
  • Have a lot of built-in controlling options that make it easier to operate. Plus, these options also make it possible to manufacture parts sometimes without using the CAM software.
  • Better speed of cutting due to quality movement of axes.

CNC 5-Axis Machine

Figure 8 – CNC 5-Axis Machine

These are not only the reasons that make the 5-axis machine expensive but also the benefits of using this machine. If you think that you can achieve better results without this machine, you surely don’t have to choose the costly option. You can simply ask your CNC parts manufacturers about the best and the most suitable machine for your CNC project.

7. What Steps Are Involved in an Admirable CNC Service?

There are a series of steps that one needs to follow in order to manufacture good CNC parts. If a company is able to follow all these steps in a sequence, it might be able to provide you good CNC service too. These steps are as,

  • Using fine CAD software, draw your idealized structure. Make sure the design matches precisely how you want your CNC part to be. This model is usually a 2D or 3D design that is used to specify the exact dimensions, structure, and geometry of your part.
  • Once the CAD model is good enough to be satisfactory, you can move to the next step. This step involves turning the CAD model into a g-code. It requires expert programmers. This g-code is then implied upon the CNC machines for the manufacturing. So, it needs to be exact and precise. You must use the best software and programs to create this g-code.
  • Before starting the manufacturing, you must set up your machine properly. Make sure the machine is set and works well. This step might include installing the g-code into the machine and ensuring that everything is in its position.
  • The next and final step is, of course, machining the part using this CNC machine. Now, this step is something of its own. You must have the proper knowledge and perfect sense of how the process works and the machines run. But if you are not going to do the manufacturing yourself, you don’t need to be aware of such intricate details.

High-Precision CNC Manufacturing

Figure 9 – High-Precision CNC Manufacturing

  • Once the part is manufactured, the next thing you need to do is inspect it properly. Make sure it has all the required characteristics and tolerances. If not, the previous process needs to be repeated with a bit of alteration.
  • If the part goes well through the testing phase, it’s time to make it look better. This step is not a must in every part. Usually, the finishing thing depends upon your requirements and your parts’ features.

But if you want the part to look smooth, shinier, or somehow better, you need to perform some finishing techniques upon it. What technique would be suitable for your individual part depends upon its type and the material used in its making.

These are the steps that must be these in the manufacturing of a CNC part with CNC machines. If a company of some experts is unaware of these basic details, they are, of course, not able enough to provide you with a good reliable CNC machined part. This all is a part of an admirable CNC service that you must take into account while choosing a company for your project.

8. Should You Use a DIY CNC Machine or Get a Proper CNC Service?

At first, getting a CNC machine of your own was never possible. Not only because of the heavy budget but also because the machine required a lot of expertise and labor. But now, many DIY CNC machines have come into the market. They have made the process a bit easier.

This is why a lot of people are moving towards those machines instead of spending lots of money on private companies for their CNC projects. These machines are indeed a good option but only for the ones who are not looking forward to fine and professional quality CNC parts.

CNC Machining Services

Figure 10 – CNC Machining Services

If you want to get CNC parts that are manufactured professionally with proper tooling systems, hiring a company would be a better option for your business. Getting professional CNC service is something that can help you get durable CNC parts too.

This might cost you a bit more than the DIY method. But at the same time, you will be getting better and finer quality parts. However, if you are just looking to manufacture parts for household purposes, the DIY method and machining are better and affordable for you.

9. What Should Be Your Budget to Get Professional CNC Services?

CNC services can cost a bit high because of the delicate working and steps involved in the process. Thus, if you are planning on getting reliable, professional CNC machining services, you must set your budget a bit high.

Usually, the CNC service cost depends upon your project’s needs and requirements. It also varies according to the designing and geometrical features involved in the part production. If your part does not require a lot of material in the making or is not very delicate, it will need less time to manufacture.

Lesser time means lesser cost and vice versa. But for a rough estimate, you must know that the CNC turning process costs less than others. The rates are decided upon your and the company’s easiness. Mostly, they are to be paid on an hourly basis. Thus, talking about hourly-based rates, CNC turning would cost you less. Its prices begin at 35 USD per hour.

However, the other method that involves milling and multiple axis machinery is quite expensive than this one. The rates of these techniques are usually around 100 USD per hour. This may exceed to a great extent depending upon your labor and designing requirements. But you can finalize a good beneficial deal if you manage to contact reliable CNC parts suppliers in China

 Professional CNC Services

Figure 11 – Professional CNC Services

10. Do You Need to Learn CNC Programing to Get Good CNC Service?

Learning professional CNC programming, G-coding, M-coding, etc., requires time and energy. If you are going to hire manufacturers for your CNC project, you don’t learn these programming skills.

However, learning basic CNC programming won’t hurt anyone. In fact, it can be good and beneficial for you to make your partners understand your needs easily. You don’t have to learn and go through the entire course of CNC programming. Learning a few basics and tricks will do the work for you.

Getting satisfactory CNC services requires you to be aware of what you exactly need. The better you will be able to make the company understand your needs, the finer your CNC parts will turn out. For that, learning a few programming basics will be a good thing.

But if you don’t have enough time or don’t want to spend time learning such stuff, you don’t have to. This is only a precautionary measure that makes you able to get better CNC service from any company. But as it is just an optional thing, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

CNC Repairs

  Figure 12 – CNC Repairs

11. What Materials Can You Choose to Get Worthwhile CNC Service?

The CNC methods and techniques offer a large number of materials that can be used in manufacturing. These materials can be metal, plastic, or rubber, etc.

Now, what materials would suit your CNC manufacturing process depends upon what your project is about. If it roams around functional parts and prototypes, you can choose a sterling metal for the procedure. But if your project is more plastic-based, then, of course, plastic would make a better raw material.

If you are a beginner in this CNC business and don’t know what suits you the best, contacting professionals is would be an excellent choice. They can help you choose the suitable material for your CNC part. Plus, if you are not able to manufacture the part properly, they can also help you produce it in the right way.

Moreover, there are different methods that are needed with different materials. For instance, if you choose aluminum metal, you would have to perform CNC aluminum machining. Or similarly, if your part is related to milling, turning, or drilling, you will have to choose the methods respectively.

Reliable CNC WorkingFigure 13 – Reliable CNC Working
As this is a confusing situation and requires expertise to move forward, you must ask for guidance from expert CNC part suppliers in China. In this way, you will be able to choose the top-notch machine, material, and the best CNC technique too.

12 Can You Find a High-Quality Online CNC Service?

It has been a decade since everything moved online. The CNC business and prototyping are also readily available and reachable online, along with other professional companies and enterprises. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable CNC service, you can easily get it anywhere in the world.
Almost all the companies that provide CNC services in the world have online accounts and pages. You can contact them easily by sending an email. Or can also leave a message on their website or business contact number if given.
If there is no number, there must be a website of a company online. First, you would have to go to the foreground and the background of the company. Once you are delighted with the style of working of the company, you can look for them further. You will indeed find a way to reach out to them online.
This makes it easier for you to get the best CNC services around you. Plus, if the manufacturers’ location does not matter, all you have to do is find the best-rated online CNC manufacturing companies. So, the next time you google, ‘CNC service near me, make sure to properly check and interrogate the website to avoid any future problems.Process of CNC MachiningFigure 14 – Process of CNC Machining

13. Should You Opt for CNC Machining Services UK or China?

What CNC services suit you depends upon your requirements. Most CNC professional companies are resent in China. However, some appropriate CNC services are available in the UK too.

So, what services or company you should choose to work with is entirely your choice. The best way to find out is by following a few simple steps.

  • Shortlist the best suitable companies you find in any country.
  • Search them out and check their previous work and reviews.
  • Contact the companies and have an insight into their working style.
  • Check if they offer the services you are looking for.
  • If yes, then either ask for samples from those companies or try out the one you think is the best.
  • Share your CNC project details with the company and make sure they understand.
  • Remove the companies from your list that are out of budget or do not meet your requirements.
  • Hopefully, you will find a cooperative and trustworthy company on the very first try.
  • If due to some reason, the company did not offer a good CNC service, you can easily switch to another.

Switching companies can get strenuous. So try to select the right one for your project from the start. You won’t have to go through a number of companies just to find the perfect one if you follow these steps. If you don’t and choose any random company from any country, you might have to face difficulties in the future.

CNC Machines

Figure 15 – CNC Machines

That is why the most intelligent thing to do is to do proper research. After that, talk with the company in detail before finalizing the deal. Getting good CNC services will not be hard if you manage to find reliable and cooperative CNC manufacturers for your project.

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