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Get Your Custom Cutting Wood Prototypes

Custom CNC Plywood Cutting Service

Based in Shenzhen, China, Ruitai Mould creates cutting-to-size plywood prototypes by the advanced CNC cutting and drilling.

The biggest size we can make is around 3050mmx1525mm. We can exactly produce the plywood prototypes according to your 3D file.

CNC plywood cutting prototypes have a varity of application including furniture, decoration, small speaker cabinet, etc.

5 Steps To Create CNC Plywood Cutting Prototypes For You

There are mainly 5 steps for us to create the plywood prototypes after receiving your final files as below.

▲Analyzing your unique 3D and 2D files;

▲Programming and prepare the raw material;

▲Cutting the plywood within days;

▲Quality checking;

▲ Custom packaging.

CNC Plywood Cutting Parts

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