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CNC machining is our specialty. With 15 years of experience, we can now produce large batch CNC Delrin parts for all kinds of businesses.

Ruitai makes its customers feel super comfortable and satisfied. We are a thriving company making way towards the most known CNC Delrin manufacturers in China. Our imported 50 sets CNC machinery makes us able to deliver well-designed and manufactured CNC Delrin parts to you.

We have expert designers and coders to help you produce the best parts. It doesn’t matter how intricate the designs or your needs are, Ruitai can take care of almost everything! Contact us to get any kind of products made up of Delrin.

CNC Black Delrin

We can use black Delrin with CNC machining to produce different automotive parts and components for your vehicles.

CNC Blue Delrin

A variety of mechanical equipment, can be produced via CNC blue Delrin. We can help you get all kinds of mechanical things that you need.

CNC Delrin with Insert

Our expert engineers can insert many kinds of threads into your CNC delrin parts

CNC Derlin with Drilling

Ruitai can produce all kinds of  Delrin material in CNC machining. And then can CNC drilling any size of holes as requested.

CNC Turning Derlin

We can also use the CNC turning method to produce high-quality derlin for you.

CNC White Delrin

CNC  White Delrin is the process that can help you manufacture lots of furniture components and daily-use items. Ruitai can definitely work to provide you these.

Get the Best CNC Delrin Parts on Your Doorstep with Ruitai

If you are puzzled about hiring the right manufacturers for your CNC Delrin project, we got the right solution for you! Ruitai can share some of its previous work with you so that you’ll get an idea about our working style.

Once you feel safe, confident, and comfortable, we can move ahead and cut deals together. Our teams are available 24/7 for online support. So, you can send us your queries anytime, and we’ll make sure to reply ASAP.

Once we start working on your project, you can also keep an eye on the entire process. We will update you about all the manufacturing and will help you stay connected with your CNC Delrin project all the time. Still, if you need to know more about our working and manufacturing capability, contact us right away!

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CNC Delrin

Delrin is a well-known material that you can use for CNC machining. From manufacturing automotive components to electronic devices, Delrin can be helpful everywhere. It is basically a plastic material also known as Acetal or Polyoxymethylene. Or you can also say that it is a near-to-plastic material. It is because Delrin has the characteristics of both plastic and metal and thus, makes an excellent choice for manufacturing various parts.

Figure 1 - Delrin Products

Figure 1 – Delrin Products

CNC Delrin is admired due to its multiple characteristics and commendable properties. Many parts produced using this process are stiff, stable, and sturdy. You can use them for numerous purposes in many different fields. For some more information, keep reading this FAQ guide.

If you are thinking of creating various kitchenware and valuable products with CNC Delrin, you must know a few facts about it. They will help you choose the right process, material, and method for your CNC machining. Delrin is reliable and useful material to machine. However, there are still some facts and tips you need to know about it before moving further with the process.

1. Can You Use CNC Delrin?

Delrin is a material close to plastic. It has similar characteristics to plastic, with some exceptions. When it comes to plastic, there are no machines made for the fabrication of plastic. All the devices that the professional manufacturers use to CNC plastic are made up of metal and are metal CNC machines.

Figure 2 - Machined Delrin

Figure 2 – Machined Delrin

You can use those same machines for Delrin too. CNC machinery is expensive but can help you cut your material with great precision. Delrin is a material with rigidity and good stability. This makes it easier for you to make parts with CNC Delrin. You can use high-tech machines for cutting all kinds of plastic materials. These machines can also help you cut hard and strong plastic, including Delrin.

2. Is CNC Delrin Is the Same as CNC Acetal?

Delrin and Acetal are the same but up to some extent. Or you may also say that Delrin is just another name for the homopolymer acetal. Now, Acetal can be a copolymer too, but Delrin represents only the homopolymer chain. That is the point where Delrin becomes different from acetal.

Figure 3 - CNC Machined Black Delrin

Figure 3 – CNC Machined Black Delrin

Thus, you may say these are the same versions of material but are not exactly similar in characteristics. The difference of being homopolymer and copolymer makes these materials distinct for CNC machining. Both have different uses, properties, and mechanical characteristics.

3. How Delrin Is An Easy to Machine Material?

Delrin doesn’t possess extreme hardness. It is a plastic material. However, it has some rigidity in it, like metal. This balance between its stability and toughness makes it easy to machine. CNC Delrin offers great benefits such as adhesion, machinability, and many other valuable properties that make the process worth it.

If you’re wondering ‘how to cut Delrin?’, well, the process is quite easy. This fabrication of this material is uncomplicated because it offers high-quality dimensional stability. That means the material has a high tolerance and is able to endure extreme pressure and temperatures. This altogether makes CNC Delrin a good and effective process. Plus, this stability’s also the reason why it is easy to machine and handle Delrin.

Figure 4 - Delrin Plastic Materials

Figure 4 – Delrin Plastic Materials

4. Can CNC Delrin Manufacture Stronger Parts Than CNC Aluminum?

No, Aluminum alloys are much stronger and sturdier as compared to Delrin. No matter which tools or CNC method you use, aluminum will still produce better and more substantial parts for usage. However, you can opt for CNC Delrin to produce functional parts for daily usage.

The tensile strength of Delrin is a lot lesser than that of aluminum. Therefore, it can be used to machine parts that need to flexible and moldable. Due to the big difference between CNC Delrin and CNC aluminum machinability, Delrin becomes a material that is a lot easier to manage during the CNC process.

5. Can You Choose Between Different Grades in CNC Delrin?

Yes, CNC Delrin consists of a number of grades having multiple series. These series start from 100 and go up to 1700. The difference between these series and their Delrin grades is their prime properties.

For instance, if you’re looking for a Delrin grade with more viscosity, the 100 series offers the most of it. But the most one with the most fluid and liquid characteristics is 1700. You can contact manufacturers in different countries to know which grade will be best for you.

Figure 5 - Delrin Plastic Part

 Figure 5 – Delrin Plastic Part

The different Delrin grades have different mechanical and physical properties. Each grade is known for its own distinct capabilities and stability ratio. The ones with the most influential properties are the grades, namely 100, 500, and 900. They are preferred all over the world due to their superior characteristics and machining abilities.

These grades have the distinct melting capability and thermal stability. The CNC Delrin suppliers in China have a vast knowledge about this material and its grades. They can certainly help you choose the best. Moreover, they can even help you manufacture your parts with great quality and proficiency. Thus, you should hit them up right away for more information about these grades and their properties right away!

6. What Are a Few Essential Characteristics That Make CNC Delrin Worth it?

Delrin is material having all appraisable characteristics. That is the reason why it is preferred for the CNC machining process. You can make unique products with multiple helpful properties. Delrin is a material that has the features of both metals and plastics. You can choose it when you’re looking for certain kinds of parts.

The most admired features of this material are as follows. These features are useful for the CNC Delrin process.

Figure 6 - CNC Milling Delrin part

Figure 6 – CNC Milling Delrin part

· Strength and Rigidness

Delrin possesses good strength as compared to other plastic materials. It is less flexible and more rigid when it comes to manufacturing sturdy and stable parts.

· Resistance

This material is resistive to many unwanted circumstances, such as environmental resistances or damaging elements such as gasoline, moisture, solvents, etc.

· Temperature Endurance

The CNC Delrin process is a success because it has a wide temperature endurance range. With reliable insulation capacity, you can use Delrin for manufacturing different helpful products. Its temperature resistance ranges from as low as -40°C to around 120°C. The melting point of this material goes up to 121°C.

· Lubricated Naturally

The material has lubrication by default, so you don’t have to put extra effort into it while carrying out the machining process. Plus, this lubricity makes it a good material for manufacturing products that need low friction while working.

· A Stable Material

The stability of Delrin is commendable because it makes this material worth CNC machining. It has dimensional stability and long endurance capability. Its electrical insulation capacity makes Delrin a preferable material for electronic devices.

7. What is the Best Way to Cut the Material During CNC Delrin?

The process of CNC Delrin is quite straightforward to carry out. Thus, the cutting process of Delrin is reliable too. Maybe, you don’t have to hire manufacturers from china to do this process for you if you’re efficient enough. However, you must hire them to achieve proficiency in the process.

Figure 7 - Machining Delrin Process

Figure 7 – Machining Delrin Process

Now, cutting Delrin is quite an easy way. You can do it using any tool, including a saw and blades. CNC machines are just a great idea to fabricate Delrin for the machining process. They are the most accurate and require no struggle. So, you can say the best way to deal with the Delrin fabrication is using CNC machines.

8. Which Processes Can You Use to CNC Delrin?

There are many CNC machining methods that you can use to make parts with Delrin. In fact, almost all the CNC methods come in handy for this process. But while choosing, make sure to properly search about the working of these tools and machines to get the best out of CNC Delrin. The main methods you can use are,

  • 3-Axis CNC Machining (for the making of basic parts having easy geometry)
  • 5-Axis CNC Machining (comes in handy for the manufacturing of highly complicated parts and components)
  • CNC Milling (You can opt for any number of axes for the process)
  • Lathe Machining or CNC Turning (for the making of turned parts and figures)

Figure 8 - CNC Machining

Figure 8 – CNC Machining

There are many more CNC machining methods that you can choose for your part. You need to know the pros and cons of all these in order to choose the best one. To get a better understanding of CNC and its techniques, contact the best professional manufacturers in China. They can certainly help you through the process.

9. Which Industrial Parts Can You Produce Using the CNC Delrin Process?

CNC Delrin is a standard process that is used by many industrialists. The material might have its few limitations but is still a great choice for many industrial parts. Following are some of the industries that use CNC Delrin for the production of many of their products.

· Mechanical Components for Daily Usage

Delrin plastic is a material with good chemical composition and strong stability. This makes it a good option for manufacturing mechanical tools and gears for daily usage. You can make everything from a fan wheel, blades, housings to bearings and rollers. The list goes on, so if you have a similar thing in mind, go ahead with it!

Figure 9 - CNC Delrin Turning
Operator machining automotive part by cnc turning machine, Multi axis CNC turning and milling machine, High precision part manufacturing process with milling by endmill carbide

Figure 9 – CNC Delrin Turning

· Electronic Industries

The industries that produce connectors, electrical devices, insulators, etc., use CNC Delrin to a great extent. You may not use the material in high heat, but it sure makes great insulators. You can also make keyboard covers and bobbins using this method.

· Medical Equipment

A significant number of medical devices are made up of plastic materials. CNC Delrin is an ideal choice for the manufacturing of such devices and parts. You can make insulin syringes, acid bottles, inhalers, electrical medical machinery, and so much more with it.

· Hardware Components

As Delrin makes a stunning choice for insulator products, you can manufacture plenty of high-quality hardware components using it. From computer bodies to plastic covers, everything can be produced using CNC Delrin easily.

· Automotive Industries

Of course, you cannot manufacture an entire car using Delrin for apparent reasons. However, you can opt for this method to make various automotive components. Many industries, manufacturers, and suppliers use it to produce the interior of your cars, door locks, fuel system, etc. CNC Delrin can is a proven method for manufacturing high-quality and stunning car interior designs.

· Furniture Manufacturing Industries

CNC Delrin doesn’t react to chemicals because of having strong bonding among its molecules. This makes the material useful for daily usage. That is one of the reasons you can use it for manufacturing different furniture parts. These parts can include locks, door handles, knobs, and hinges, etc. You can also make massive furniture designs and turn them into reality using the CNC Delrin method.

CNC Delrin isn’t limited to a few industries or manufacturers. It is a vast field and method upon which plenty of suppliers rely. The rigidity, consistency, and insulation power, etc., make it ideal in many cases. You can use it to manufacture a vast number of parts that you think would fit your business. You can also contact suppliers in China to make these parts for you.

10. Can You Make Heat Resistant Parts with CNC Delrin?

Materials are usually divided into two categories based upon their properties and reactions to high temperatures. One class is named ‘Thermosets’ while the other is called ‘Thermoplastics.’ Now, Delrin is categorized as the second category, thermoplastics.

Figure 10 - CNC Delrin Parts

Figure 10 – CNC Delrin Parts

The materials belonging to this class are sensitive to heat. This means they cannot withstand high temperatures and pressure. The same is the case with Delrin too. Once the temperature rises from a bearable amount, this material starts melting. The max temperature at which you can machine Delrin is around 121 degrees. However, it is better to keep the temperature as low as possible.

Now, as Delrin is a thermoplastic, you cannot use it to make temperature-resistant parts too. Delrin is not an ideal choice in case you need a part that must be able to bear extreme temperatures.

Not only Delrin but usually all the plastic materials are known to melt at high temperatures. Their melting points are low. Thus, you shouldn’t be choosing them to make heat-resistant parts with CNC machining.

11. What Things Should You Keep in Mind While Carrying Out the CNC Delrin Process?

Delrin is not a material similar to metals or steel. It has a nature of its own and thus, needs specific care while working on it. It’s not much, but there are some things that you need to consider while you are manufacturing parts with CNC Delrin.

· Maintain Consistency in Design

Delrin is not as strong as aluminum and other similar metals. Therefore, you need to be vigilant while designing your parts in this method. Maintaining consistency is a significant aspect to keep in mind while working on parts using the CNC Delrin method.

For example, keep the thickness of outer walls similar so that the part comes out to be stable and functional. You can also add handy objects such as rubs and fillets in the design for better results.

Figure 11 - Machining Plastic

Figure 11 – Machining Plastic

· Keep Temperature Low While Machining

As described earlier, Delrin is a thermoplastic, meaning it is not good with heat. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a low temperature while machining this material. You can use coolants where the machining process is taking place to keep the temperature lower than 120 degrees.

If you forget to do this, the material might start melting during machining, ruining the entire process. If you are unsure of being able to maintain temperature and machine Delrin simultaneously, you can hire manufacturers from China to help you do it.

· Delrin is Not a Metal

Usually, people work with metals in CNC machining and forget that Delrin is nothing similar to that while machining it. You need to make preparations, carry out the machining and finishing process differently for CNC Delrin than you used to do for metals.

First of all, you must use clean cutting tools and machinery for the process. Otherwise, the previous metal or its traces may mix up with your Delrin material and contaminate the result. To get outstanding results, it is essential to use perfect tools too.

· Sharp Cutting Tools Will Work Wonders

Delrin is near to plastic, which means it is not a super-hard material. However, that doesn’t mean using any kind of cutting tools for CNC Delrin. If you need the best results with sharp edges and excellent designs, you must use excellent tools too.

Figure 12 - CNC Machines for Delrin Fabrication

Figure 12 – CNC Machines for Delrin Fabrication

So, it is better if you opt for sharp cutting tools with lubricants for the fabrication of Delrin. It will give you perfect clearance angles. Plus, you will also be able to make the shapes that you desire. Otherwise, low-quality cutting tools will do nothing but give you roughly cut parts and poor-quality products.

· Be Gentle with the Process

Delrin isn’t a delicate material, but it is also not super strong and solid. If you apply strong forces during the manufacturing process, you might end up with the wrong design or a broken part.

When performing the CNC Delrin process, you must always keep in mind to handle the parts and process with gentleness. Of course, being gentle doesn’t mean handling this material as it is a super delicate thing. But it does mean to apply lesser forces on this material as compared to the ones you apply on metal and steel.

CNC Delrin is a method that requires delicacy and strength at the same time. Once you know perfectly how to balance these two, you’ll be able to manufacture great products with this method. However, hiring professional manufacturers and ordering them to make these parts for you can save you tons of time and money. Plus, they can produce the parts for you that you require in lesser time durations.

12. What Should be the Surface Speed of the Cutter During CNC Delrin?

The ideal machining Delrin feeds and speeds would be 375 ft./min. Maintaining the perfect speed and rotations is essential during the machining process. If you don’t take care of them, you might end up with roughly cut and unwanted parts.

operator bending metal sheet by sheet bending machine, cnc control metal sheet bending machine, high precision and high accuracy metal sheet bending machine

Figure 13 – CNC Machining Processes

The speeds of machine cutters vary from part to part, material to material, and process to process. However, you can discuss your requirements with proficient suppliers and let them help you decide on a perfect speed value for your CNC Delrin manufacturing.

13. Why Controlling Frictional Heat is Easy During CNC Delrin?

The answer to this question is also hidden in the fact that Delrin is a plastic that belongs to the thermoplastics category. These materials are less hard and have a modulus lesser than metals. Lower modulus means more flexibility characteristic in the material.

Now, as Delrin also has a lower modulus, it shows less friction too. Thus, it doesn’t produce much frictional heat during the process and makes it easier to keep the overall temperature maintainable.

Figure 14 - Delrin Parts

Figure 14 – Delrin Parts

The low friction thing also makes the material useful in many cases. For instance, you can the parts made from CNC Delrin for a long time. You can make wires and long chains for different purposes using it. Apart from that, CNC Delrin can also help you create parts for the processes that require lubrication-free work.

14. Which Material is Stronger, Delrin or Nylon?

Delrin is comparably stronger to nylon. Both materials are good for manufacturing plenty of products. However, when it comes to strength and sturdiness, Delrin is better. Nylon is also a kind of plastic that has strength and durability of its own. But it is lesser than that of Delrin plastic.

So, if you’re going to choose between both these plastic materials, you should choose to depend upon your requirements. Delrin will make a better and more appreciable choice if you are looking for a stronger part. However, some expert manufacturers can share more details about both these materials and help you choose between them.

15. How Laser Cutting is Effective During CNC Delrin?

Delrin is an easy-to-machine material. That means you don’t require a lot of effort and strength to cut Delrin. That is why a laser can cut it with great proficiency. You will get a highly functional and well-designed part if you cut Delrin with a laser.

Figure 15 - CNC Laser Cutter

Figure 15 – CNC Laser Cutter

Laser cutting is an efficient cutting process that ensures perfect edges and engravings on the product. And as Delrin can easily be cut through laser, it is highly preferred to use this method for CNC Delrin.

16. Should You Opt for CNC Delrin If You Have a Tight Budget?

Yes, of course, you should. In fact, it’s a great choice to make, especially when you’re tight on a budget. Delrin is a cheap material. All plastics are relatively cheaper as compared to metals and heavy materials. Delrin requires lesser investment too.

So, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have a huge budget. It is because many manufacturers in China can help you with the CNC Delrin process at lesser rates. Some plastics are expensive too. However, Delrin isn’t. It costs less than many other plastic materials, including PTFE, PA66, etc.

Figure 16 - CNC Delrin Parts

Figure 16 – CNC Delrin Parts

Another thing that makes you spend lesser on Delrin is its dimensional stability. The parts don’t need to go through multiple test sessions or trials. This saves a lot of your money. The processes in which the CNC parts require testing costs more too. In a nutshell, CNC Delrin doesn’t cost you a lot and can be helpful for you if you don’t have a lot to spend on the process.

17. How CNC Delrin Process Reacts with Chemicals?

Delrin is a material with intense bonding and rigid molecules. It does not react with chemicals present around it. That is why you can use it for various machining processes without worrying about chemicals reacting to it.

Its chemical resistive nature also limits the use of Delrin at different places. Adhesives that are commonly used during CNC processes are also chemical. And as Delrin doesn’t react to them, adhesives don’t work on the material either. Thus, it becomes hard to machine the parts and join them together.

Figure 17 - Acetal and Delrin Parts

Figure 17 – Acetal and Delrin Parts

That is also why you cannot use this material for the making of large structures and parts as they can fall apart quickly. But at the same time, you can easily use it in different manufacturing processes with lubricants and coolants.

18. How Can Manufacturers Help You in CNC Delrin?

POM CNC is a good process, but you do need professional help to carry it out with perfection. POM is divided into plenty of materials, including acetal, Delrin, etc. If you want to make parts using this process, you need to choose a suitable CNC method and material.

CNC Delrin is a helpful process when it comes to manufacturing parts for various uses. It is also cost-effective and doesn’t require a lot of effort. However, experts will be able to provide you perfectly manufactured parts within the desired time durations. Thus, you must consider them when going for the CNC Delrin process.