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BTW,We can assemble the bumpers according to your drawings,and after that,before delivery,we can send the CMM test report and final photos and final videos for approve,it can reduce the quality issues.

CNC Bumper with Glossy painting

After CNC machining,Ruitia can make many kinds of color for the glossy painting,just like white;black;yellow;and some others,just let us the panetone number you need,we will do the rest.

CNC bumper with matt painting

We have a team of experts to manufacture the best quality CNC bumpers for you.and to meet different kinds of texture needs,we can make matt painting also

CNC Bumper with grey primer

We, at Ruitai, can give you another options for your CNC bumpers surface,As you may need to do the final surface treatment by yourself.we can make white/black/grey primer for you

CNC Front Bumper

The most common material for CNC milling bumper is ABS,it have good propriety and tolerance during CNC milling.

Vacuum Casting Auto Bumpers

If you need small batch production for your bumpers to test,to save the cost,we can offer another economic production choice for you:vacuum casting,it is can be reached20- 30 sets of bumpers with one import silicone mold.

CNC Rear Bumper

Not only front bumper,but also rear bumper,ruitai can make all of them for you.ruitai can assemble the bumper as requested

The Most Advanced CNC Bumper Producing Company In China

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  • 6061 Aluminum Machining

    We also manufacture your product with the advanced manufacturing technology of 6061 aluminum machining. Our professional team is great to produce your products using this wonderful technology.

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication

    Our experts can also help you in the manufacturing of variety of products using sheet metal fabrication technology.we can make zinc/powder coating/painting/passivization on this surface

  • 3D Printing

    With modern rotating technological machinery, we manufacture your product in the best quality with 3D printing technology.

  • CNC Turning parts

    One of our greatest services is CNC turning. With this manufacturing technology, we can manufacture the ideal types of prototypes for you in the least time.some times,after CNC turning,we need to do extra CNC milling on the 2-rd processing.

CNC Bumper


Being a diversified machining technology, CNC machining is used for the production of many different products including automobiles. Automobile production is one of the major needs of the modern world. To meet these needs of the transportation, manufacturers mostly use CNC machining for the production of automobile parts such as bumpers, etc.

Bumpers are manufactured in such a way so that they are hard enough to withstand greater pressure. This helps in increasing the overall strength and durability of the cars. If the car bumpers are manufactured with the best machining technology, they provide benefits for the long term.

Today one of the topmost manufacturing technology is CNC machining. This technology is recognized to be the one that is highly appreciated by most of the expert manufacturers of China.

This wonderful reputation of CNC machining makes it the best for bumpers production.

Figure 1 CNC bumper

Figure 1 CNC bumper

1. Why It Is Best To Manufacture Car Bumpers Using CNC Machining?

Bumpers manufacturing is not limited to CNC machining, and you can use different other machining technologies too for this purpose. But if already the best technology is present for the manufacturing of a particular product, then there seems no importance to go for another technology. The following are some of the main reasons that justify that CNC machining is ideal for bumpers production.

Figure 2 car bumpers

Figure 2 car bumpers

 Greater Manufacturing Speed

It is a fact that CNC machining is the fastest manufacturing technology. Due to this reason, most of the manufacturers of China prefer to use CNC machining for the production of car parts. The automobile parts are manufactured usually in large quantities. Therefore to make the production faster CNC machining is used.

If you are running a car parts assembling agency, you probably would love to get your bumpers manufactured with greater speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

The modern and automatic machining processes of CNC make it an ideal machining technology to produce your bumpers faster and efficiently.

Better Quality Bumpers

Figure 3 Better quality bumpers

Figure 3 Better quality bumpers

CNC machining is known to produce the perfect quality products effortlessly. The car bumpers are the parts that require to be tough, hard, and pressure bearing.

The modern techniques of CNC machining produce bumpers that are tough, hard, and pressure bearing. Similarly, CNC machining allows the use of diversified materials for product production. This also helps the manufacturers and suppliers to easily use the combination of different materials to manufacture the ideal quality car bumpers.

You would never like your bumpers to be of low quality that does not meet your desired expectations. To ensure the manufacturing of higher quality bumpers CNC machining can be a perfect choice. There are other machining technologies too that will help you get the best quality work. But most of those manufacturing technologies will fail in front of CNC machining.

CNC machining is an automatic process that is controlled by a computer and the product is manufactured using CAD. This doubles the working quality of the machinery, which ultimately helps you to produce the best quality bumper for your car.

Beautiful Designs

Figure 4 beautiful design bumpers

 Figure 4 Beautiful Design Bumpers

The bumpers not only help the car to withstand high pressure but also enhance its beauty of the car. Nowadays modern cars are equipped with a great design of bumpers. These beautiful designs are created using machining technology that is highly accurate such as CNC machining.

Among various CNC machining techniques, the one that is highly useful in terms of accuracy is five-axis CNC machining. This machining will be highly useful for creating beautiful designs on your car bumpers, making them appear more attractive.

· Affordable

The most affordable manufacturing technology is CNC machining. You will find most of the other machining technologies, that will charge you much higher due to the greater labor force required.

On the other hand, CNC machining is automatic and only requires a single person who can only operate the CNC computer. These nonrequirements of labor make CNC machining much more affordable for you.

Figure 5 affordable CNC machining

Figure 5 Affordable CNC machining

· Work Safety

CNC machining is much safer as compared to other machining technologies. The types of machinery used in CNC machining are guarded by heavy metals, that prevent the main mechanical parts from causing injury to labor.

All these reasons are the key factors that make CNC the perfect machining technology for Bumpers Production.

2. How to Reduce the Cost Of Bumpers Manufacturing Using CNC Machining?

Figure 6 Rubber bumper

Figure 6 Solid bumper

Although the cost may not matter for you if you’re going to manufacture a high quality bumper. However, in case if you want to manufacture a large quantity of bumpers, then considering the cost may be very important to you. Here are some common tips that may help you out in reducing your cost of CNC bumper machining.

· Create Design by Yourself

If you’re a good and experienced manufacturer, you should create your design by yourself to reduce overall expenditure. In most cases, these designs are produced by an engineer but having already some experience in production can also help you design by yourself.

Bumpers are not very complex and their designs can be easily created with ordinary experience.

· Select The Right Material

You should always select the right material if you want to reduce your cost on production of CNC bumper machining.

For example, you should never use steel or other metal in place where you could effectively use plasic or other cheaper material.

· Choose Softer Material

Soft materials are easy to cut and produce a bumper. There are a lot of soft metals that you can use for CNC bumper machining.

3. How Car Bumpers Are Manufactured Using CNC Machining?

Figure 7 car bumper cnc machining process

Figure 7 Car Bumper CNC Machining Process

CNC machining can be called the simplest machining technology for the production of high-quality products including car bumpers. Reaction injection molding is a technique that is also used with CNC machining for bumper production. Reaction injection molding is similar to injection molding with slight differences between both techniques.

The reduced cost of the car’s bumpers is due to the reaction injection molding. This is due to the fact this manufacturing technique is much cheaper than that of ordinary injection molding. The bumpers production process is also very simple in the case of CNC machining.

The following are the general steps used in manufacturing car bumpers using CNC machining.

· Making of Polymer

The first step for the production of car bumpers is creating a polymer. It is done through various techniques. For example, if the bumper is be manufactured using hard plastic, then initially the plastic is converted to liquid form. After its conversion, it is then the time to mix it with precursors, which is called polymerization.

Figure 8 car bumper manufacturing

Figure 8 Car Bumper Manufacturing

· CAD Production

The next step in bumper production is the production of CAD design. It is done through various CAD software. These designs contain the instructions that are to be used by the computer for the final production of the bumper. The CAD design is created keeping in view all the major aspects of the bumper.

The CAD design of bumpers usually doesn’t require much complexity, as their basic purpose is to protect cars.

· Manufacturing of Bumper

After all these steps, the next step is to manufacture the bumper. For this purpose, the polymer produced in the first step is inserted into the mold in CNC machinery. The CAD design is also inserted into the CNC computer. The computer makes the design undergoes several tests to find out a flaw in it.

after these actions, the CNC machinery manufactures the car bumper according to the CAD design given to the computer.

4. What Types Of Bumpers Can Be Manufactured Using CNC Machining?

Figure 9 types of bumpers

Figure 9 Types Of Bumpers

A manufacturer can manufacture almost all kinds of bumpers using CNC machining technology. CNC machining is a highly advanced technology that has been used to produce products from small kitchen items to large aerospace parts.

Here is the list of some of the most popular bumpers that are usually manufactured using CNC machining.

· Standard Bumper

These are the most common types of bumpers. In some cars, they are present in the front while in some cars they are present on the backside. They are hard and strong enough to provide good support to the care and protection in case of damage.

These bumpers can be easily manufactured using CNC machining technology. You can use a different variety of materials for the production of standard bumpers. You can use plastic with any other metal to manufacture the best quality standard bumper.

· Cowboy Bumper

You can easily find this bumper on trucks of old models. Some new truck manufacturing companies also make use of this bumper in their trucks but their overall usage is almost equal to none. And most of the manufacturers nowadays don’t use these bumpers.

They are found only in trucks and you may rarely find them in any other vehicle.  These bumpers are coated with chromium. With modern CNC machining techniques, you can manufacture the cowboy bumper by using diversified materials.

· Tube Bumper

From a manufacturing and expenditure point of view, the most ideal bumper is that of a tube bumper. They are found usually on the front or back of heavy jeeps.

Using CNC manufacturing techniques, these bumpers can also be manufactured very easily and faster.

· Step Bumper

They are usually found in large trucks and vans. They are present at the front part of the vehicles. Its name is due to the presence of space in its front part which looks like a step.

This bumper is highly useful for large vehicles to provide greater protection to the vehicles. Similarly, the presence of extra space in the front part of the bumper sometimes also allows people to use it as a base for loading and unloading those vehicles.

Using CNC machining, these bumpers are manufactured in higher quantities by most of the manufacturers and suppliers in China.

5. What Materials Are Used In CNC Machining For Bumpers Production?

Figure 10 materials in CNC machining

Figure 10 CNC Machined Bumper

Bumpers are manufactured from a variety of materials using CNC machining technology. In modern vehicles, most manufacturers are using plastic bumpers. The topmost reason behind the use of plastic is that it is considered to be more flexible than metal, thus contributing to giving more protection to vehicles.

Some expert manufacturers and suppliers in China believe that thermoplastic olefins are great to be used for manufacturing of best quality vehicle bumpers. Therefore, in China, most of the manufacturers have switched to the use of this particular material.

Some of the other popular materials that are used in China for manufacturing car bumpers are polycarbonates and polyesters. Some manufacturing firms use polypropylene too for this purpose.

The use of all these materials for manufacturing vehicle bumpers is very common nowadays among the manufacturers of China. These materials are chosen based on their higher strength, their flexibility, and ability to protect the vehicle and the passengers during an accident.

6. Why Is Steel Not Used in CNC Machining for Car Bumpers?

Most of the manufacturers and suppliers have marginalized steel as not a good material to be used for the production of car bumpers. Several reasons make it the worst material for this purpose.

Safety is the most important aspect of driving a vehicle. To ensure the safety of the passengers it is important to make use of such material in the bumper which is flexible but hard. The steel is very hard but it gets lower than plastic in flexibility. On the other hand, if the plastic is even flexible, still it is not hard enough to compete with the steel.

Therefore to tackle this issue, manufacturers convert plastic into a form of material that is tougher than plastic without losing its flexibility. The polymerization of plastic is the step that contributes to the hardness of plastic.

Once this plastic is hardened, it becomes ideal to be used for manufacturing modern car bumpers. Similarly, plastic also shows greater resistance to corrosion and another sort of environmental harsh conditions. This property also makes plastic a perfect one to be used in vehicle bumpers.

On the other hand, if a manufacturer or supplier uses steel for bumper production.  The bumper will easily get rusted after few months if it comes with continuous contact with water or vapors in the air. Plastic can be an ideal choice for most of manufacturers are the best one to protect the vehicle against small knocks and dents.

Here are some other reasons behind the higher use of plastic bumpers as compared to that of steel.

· Better Shock Absorption

Plastics are great for better absorption of shock as compared to metals. This is because metals conduct everything faster than other materials. In short, we can say that metals are good conductors in all aspects.

On the other hand, plastic is not as good a conductor as metals, so it reduce the shock and effect of accidents to the least. This makes plastic a wonderful material to be used as a vehicle bumper.

· Weight Reduction

The other important reason for using plastic in bumpers is to keep the weight of the car to a minimum. As mentioned earlier, plastics are already having wonderful benefits to be used in vehicle bumpers. So there seems no reason to use the material in the bumper that is not much benefit to it and make the bumper heavier too.

So that’s why the ideal material for car bumpers is plastic. The higher weight of the vehicles will make the vehicle require a greater power engine. That greater power engine will consume a greater amount of fuel too.

That’s the main reason why the manufacturers are interested in keeping the weight low.

7. Which Bumper Type Can Be Easily Manufactured Using CNC Machining?

Figure 11 CNC machining bumper

Figure 11 CNC machining bumper

The bumper that can be easy to manufacture is that f a tube bumper. This bumper is great to reduce the overall expenditure. They are simple in shapes and are often regarded as those that can be manufactured in the least amount of time.

CNC machining is a manufacturing technology that is built up to manufacture complex machinery and other types of complex products. CNC machining is known to work with greater speed and accuracy, thus enabling manufacturers to produce the products faster. If we plan to manufacture the simplest products such as a tube bumper, the manufacturing efficiency and speed will be much more enhanced than before.

Due to the higher efficiency of CNC machining technology and the lower complexity of tube bumpers, they are the easiest to manufacture.

8. What Types of Truck Bumpers Can Be Manufactured Using CNC Machining?

Being a highly diversified machining technology, CNC is ideal for manufacturing different types of bumpers including truck bumpers, jeeps, cars, and other vehicles. Here are some of the commonly manufactured truck bumpers that are produced using CNC machining.

· Aluminum Bumpers

These bumpers are highly used in modern trucks. They are made from aluminum (a metal which is not heavier as compared to steel, but still gives greater protection). These bumpers are great to be manufactured using CNC machining technology.

This is due to its little hardness as compared to most of the other metals. This little hardness makes its core material to be easily cut and machined into a truck bumper.

· Bullnose Bumpers

These are considered to be great bumpers, which give higher protection in comparison to other bumpers. These bumpers also have a beautiful appearance, which makes them loved by most truck drivers.

These bumpers are regarded as the highest quality bumpers. With modern CNC machining, the production of these bumpers may be a little difficult as compared to most of the other bumpers. These bumpers are harder, giving rise to greater difficulty for the CNC pieces of machinery to cut and machine them into regular truck bumpers.

However, still, they are highly used in trucks due to their hardness and strength.

· Base Bumpers

These are modern bumpers that appear the same as stock bumpers. They are unique in shape and structure, often they do not having any grill at their front part. If we talk about the strength, they are the ones that are regarded as stronger and harder than stock bumpers.

The manufacturing process of these bumpers is simple using CNC manufacturing technology. With modern CNC techniques, manufacturers and suppliers of China are producing a huge amount of base bumpers for trucks.

· Grill Guard Bumpers

These bumpers are also regarded as that the highest quality truck bumpers. They are strong and tough, giving you greater protection in trucks against almost anything that comes in front of you.

These bumpers come in two different varieties. One of them is a diamond plate. The other variety is called the smooth finish.

These bumpers are very popular and are highly manufactured in the manufacturing companies of China. Due to higher strength and toughness, the production of these bumpers is also a little more difficult in comparison to other bumpers.

· Pre Runner Bumpers

These are other types of modern truck bumpers that are highly appreciated by people due to their attractive appearance, strength, and toughness.

These bumpers are manufactured in such a way that if in case, your truck falls down the road, it prevents the truck from falling straight. If the truck falls straight into such a situation, it can lead to a more disastrous accident.

These bumpers are also among those that do not require any difficult process to be manufactured. However, the material that is used in these bumpers is tough enough to protect the truck from large accidents.

The toughness of the bumper, while maintaining the easiness in its machining makes a pre-runner bumper an ideal bumper.


9. What Jeep Bumpers Can Manufacture Using CNC Machining?

Figure 12 jeep bumpers

Figure 12 jeep bumpers

Jeeps are tough vehicles that are stronger than other vehicles of the same size. Therefore, the bumpers used in jeeps are tougher and larger.

Here are some of the common bumpers that are manufactured using CNC machining technology.

· Stubby Bumpers

These bumpers are hard but short in their length. Their length is mostly the same as that of the grill. If your jeep has this type of bumper, your jeep’s tires will bulge a little further as compared to normal. This also has a drawback in that the tires can easily get damaged by external objects.

These bumpers are good for jeeps that are usually traveling on large highways and large roads. It is due to the reason that they give more space to the tires to rotate faster.

With CNC technology, you can manufacture this bumper very easily without spending a huge amount of money. They have highly used jeep bumpers and almost any manufacturing company in China will produce this product for you.

· Tubular Bumpers

Figure 13 modern Jeep Bumpers

Figure 13 Modern Jeep Bumpers

These bumpers are called tubular bumpers because they contain two tubes that run parallel to each other. The tubes are separated from each other and between them a network of steal thread is present.

These bumpers provide good protection against most of the damages but they are usually not regarded as as much tougher as other Jeep bumpers.

These bumpers are usually present in rampage jeeps and can be easily manufactured with modern CNC machining technology.

· Stinger Bumpers

This bumper usually looks like a boomerang. There is a loop of metal that extends in the upward direction from the base of the bumper.  This is for the reason of taking the overall protection of the jeep and passenger to the next level.

The loop is at a 45-degree angle at its base and sometimes taller than the top of the bumper. The metal loop is highly useful to protect the jeep from trolling over if in case it gets in contact with a large obstacle. At the back of the loop, there is a grill that greatly increases the protection of the jeep.

With modern CNC manufacturing pieces of machinery, stinger bumpers can be easily manufactured in less time and with less expenditure.

· Recovery Bumpers

This bumper is given the name recovery bumper because due to the presence of this bumper, the jeep can be easily recovered if it falls into a large space on the roadside.

These bumpers are manufactured in different varieties, therefore, they are found in different shapes, colors, and sizes. These bumpers are not found in old jeeps as they are modern and more advanced.

In some cases, these bumpers are added to ordinary bumpers to create a combination of both. This maintains the attractiveness of the jeep while making it able to get recovered easily too.

With modern CNC manufacturing technologies, they can be manufactured easily. Due to the advanced recovery features in these bumpers, their manufacturing process takes more time.

All of the above-mentioned bumpers are Jeep bumpers that are manufactured using CNC machining. there are other bumpers that can be manufactured using this technology. In fact, you can get almost any kind of car auto part that you’ve been looking for through this process.