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Brass Die Casting

High-volume Production from 200 to 10000+ pieces


6 Advantages of Brass Die Casting Parts

Die casting has been a popular way we apply to create cost-effective metal parts. Brass is also one of the frequently applied metal materials for die casting. There are six advantages of brass die casting parts.

  • Anti-corrosion. It is one of the excellent properties of brass, which means that brass castings have a longer lifespan and are widely used for marine equipment.
  • Excellent surface finish. The brass die casting parts are easy to polish. It makes the casting parts more decorative.
  • Durable and pressure resistant.
  • High-precision. The tolerance can be up to ±1mm.
  • Cost-effective. We produce high-volume and complex brass die casting parts.
  • Highly conductive.
High-volume Brass Die Casting

Brass die casting is often applied to create high-volume parts with high accuracy.

Brass die casting parts have a variety of excellent properties: durability, conductivity, anti-corrosion, etc.

Certified Brass Die Casting

We create brass die casting parts with the ISO9001 and IATF 16949 certified.

Ruitai’s Brass Die Casting Capability

We create high-quality brass die casting parts for companies all over the world. If you want to get metal components with durability, high strength, and conductivity, we will provide you with brass die casting with high quality. There is part of capability as below.

  1. Equipment.

The Ruitai team gets 6 die casting machines(180 tons to 800 tons) to make brass die casting parts from small to large sizes.

  1. Quality control.

To offer you high-quality brass castings, there is a professional QC team at Ruitai. Before delivery, the QC team will inspect the brass die casting parts 3+ times with the advanced equipment:CMM, caliper vernier, height gauge, etc.

  1. Free sample.

We will send a brass die casting sample we created before to show you the quality of our casting parts.



Brass Die Casting Parts