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Brass Die Casting

High-volume Production from 200 to 10000+ pieces


6 Advantages of Brass Die Casting Parts

Die casting has been a popular way we apply to create cost-effective metal parts. Brass is also one of frequently applied metal materials for die casting. There are mainly six advantages of brass die casting parts.

  • Anti-corrosion. It is one of the excellent properties of brass, which means that the brass castings have a longer lifespan and are widely used for marine equipment.
  • Excellent surface finish. The brass die casting parts are easy to be polished. It makes the casting parts more decorative.
  • Durable and pressure resistant.
  • High-precision. The tolerance can up to ±1mm.
  • Cost-effective. We produce high-volume and complex brass die casting parts.
  • Highly conductive.
High-volume Brass Die Casting

Brass die casting is often applied to create high-volume parts with high accuracy.

Brass die casting parts have a variety of excellent properties: durability, conductivity, anti-corrosion, etc.

Certified Brass Die Casting

We create brass die casting parts with the ISO9001 and IATF 16949 certified.

Ruitai’s Brass Die Casting Capability

We create high-quality brass die casting parts for the companies all over the world. If you want to get metal components with durability, high-strength, and conductivity, we will provide you with the brass die casting with high quality. There is part of capability as below.

  1. Equipment.

The Ruitai team gets 6 die casting machines(180 tons to 800 tons) to make brass die casting parts from small to large size.

  1. Quality control.

To offer you high-quality brass castings, there is a professional QC team at Ruitai. Before delivery, the QC team will inspect the brass die casting parts 3+ times by the advanced equipment:CMM, caliper vernier, height gauge, etc.

  1. Free sample.

We will send a brass die casting sample we created before to show you the quality of our casting parts.



Brass Die Casting Parts