4 Benefits of CNC Machining for Medical Devices

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CNC machining is a modern technique to create high-precisin components. In the industry of medical, the tolerance may affect the whole operation greatly. That’s why it has a high requirement on tolerance. At the same time, CNC machining is considered as one of the most ideal methods of processing to make components for the medical devices. It has a wide medical devices applications including surgical scissors, cutters, and blade handles. What are the other benefits of CNC machining medical devices?Figure1 CNC Machining


4 benefits of CNC machining for medical devices
(1).High-precision. 5 axis CNC machining can create components with a tight tolerance within ±0.005mm. It can minimize the deviation.
(2).No quantity limitation. Since there is no need to create the molds in CNC machining, its cost is relatively lowder. And it just needs to use the cutters to exact the material to form the medical components with tight tolerance. Thus, we can apply CNC machining to make medical components from 1 piece.
(3).Fast Production. The engineers just need to program according to the files and then we will begin producing the parts within a few hours. When we urgently need a piece of medical component, CNC machining can help us to create them in a short period.
(4).A Variety of Materials Availalbe. CNC machining can be applied to process a variety of materials including stainless steel and PEEK.

Figure2 CNC Machining Medical Parts

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